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Rafting Season Difficulty Trip Length Flow


Class III+
Class IV-
Multi-Day Trip
40 mi..
USGS Realtime Streamflow
Gradient Put In Take Out  
28 fpm Indian Hot Springs 8 mi. so. of Bruneau  


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» General Shuttle Logistics

Although many river runners combine a Jarbidge trip with a trip down the Bruneau, it is possible to do just the Bruneau River. It is more convenient since it can be done in two days; and less convienient in that the last 20 miles of the shuttle are a Class V dirt road and impassible in wet weather. The Bruneau River is more suited to rafting and canoeing than its tributaries. The Bruneau canyons offer breathtaking scenery and delightful rapids. In the upper part, there are numerous Class III rapids at medium water levels. The 600-foot vertical canyons walls are absolutely outrageous. These walls are beautifully highlighted by Bruneau Flox, an indigenous plant.