There's plenty to see and lots to do in Idaho. Cast a line. Hike a trail. Raft a river.
You'll get away from it all yet still feel at home.

Idaho Regions Map
  • Northern Idaho

    Sapphire Lakes. Thick forests. Amazing wildlife. Set your own pace to explore and enjoy all the beauty and adventure of North Idaho.

  • North Central Idaho

    Trace the steps of Lewis & Clark as they sought a "Northwest Passage" to the Pacific. Journey through the forests and rivers of Nez Perce territory. North Central Idaho: take a lesson in history while enjoying world-class adventure.

  • Southwestern Idaho

    The capital city offers cultural experiences from the Boise Art Museum, to the Basque Block and the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. Just minutes outside of Boise you'll find raptors gliding above high deserts and rocky canyons.

  • Central Idaho

    See Idaho's tallest mountain peak, cast your line in Hemingway's favorite creek, raft for days on the famous Middle Fork or Main Salmon River. Enjoy Central Idaho's outdoor adventures, history, and scenery whether you're camping under the stars or staying at a resort hotel.

  • South Central Idaho

    Rock climb, horseback ride, or photograph your way through national reserves and state parks filled with impressive granite formations. South Central Idaho: revel in the region's natural history, distinctive landscape, and mighty rivers.

  • Eastern Idaho

    Eastern Idaho is adventure's second home. Here you'll find wildlife roaming the pristine landscapes framed by mountains and carved by some of the best rivers in the west. Eastern Idaho is both a sportsman's paradise and a sightseer's must-see destination.

  • Southeastern Idaho

    Take in the scenery and recreation of a 20 mile long turquoise-blue lake. Relax in hot springs powered by an ancient volcano. Southeastern Idaho: Come and indulge yourself in Idaho's pioneering roots, Native American history, bubbling hot springs, and outdoor adventures.