Words of Wisdom

"I never knew a man who felt self-important in the morning after spending the night in the open on an Idaho mountainside under a star studded summer sky. Save some time in your lives for the outdoors, where you can be witness to the wonders of God."
- Frank Church, former U.S. Senator from Idaho

"Is there contentment beyond the confines of urban living? You bet. In Idaho, God has carved out a special preview of the hereafter for those who prefer life in a natural state."
- Andrew Harper, editor of the Hideaway Report

"...if you pushed me up against a wall as to my favorite spot, I would probably answer the Rocky Mountains of the West, around Idaho. There's something about coming around a corner and seeing a meadow full of wildflowers."
- Charles Kurault, CBS journalist and host of "Sunday Morning"

"...a lot of state, this Idaho, that I didn’t know about..."
- Ernest Hemingway, author of For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea

" ...I like Idaho. The crystal streams. The rushing rivers. The forests. The mountains. The lakes as blue as paint. The splash of mountain ash or maple. The foam of the syringa, the state's official flower. The awesome wastes. The fruitful fields. The warm friendliness of crossroads and town. The high sky over all."
- A.B. Guthrie, author of The Big Sky