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Hayley Gee

Hayley Gee, Account Manager
KBC Marketing & PR
Suite 3 Falmer Court
London Road, Uckfield
TN22 1 HN East Sussex, UK
Tel. 1825 76 36 36
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Since 2001, The UK Office has been representing the State of Idaho. Over these years, the travel business has changed drastically with the move into websites and internets, online booking systems and more travellers investigating their research through the internet. Throughout the changes, press coverage has remained paramount in promoting a region. Over the years, the UK Office has assisted many journalists and annually attends the press day during the See America Week in London.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to the UK journalists and ensure our product knowledge of Idaho is used to its fullest potential. We realise that we need you to support us and the articles you write stimulates an interest to the consumer. You might be seeking information relating to a specific subject or simply looking for article ideas - our office can provide you with the assistance you need. We have press kits, maps, guides, photography all available. We can help with all ground arrangements if you want to visit Idaho and ensure you meet with the right people to get the right story. We can also provide you with up to date information, regular newsletters and what's new.

With a helpful and willing team both in the UK and Stateside we look forward to helping you discover Idaho.