Did you know?

...The LaserJet printer, Hewlett-Packard's most successful product line, was invented in Boise, Idaho.

...The Idaho National Laboratory is the nation's main research lab for its next generation of nuclear energy.

...Idaho has the nation's oldest and youngest ski resorts (respectively, Sun Valley and Tamarack).

...This highly innovative state is consistently #1 for patents per capita.

...University of Idaho cloned the first mule.

...Arco, Idaho was the first city lit by atomic energy - in July 1953.

...The world's first nuclear power plant is located at the Idaho National Laboratory site near Idaho Falls.

...Nearly 70 percent of the commercial trout sold in the United States is produced in the Hagerman Valley near Twin Falls.

...The world's first alpine skiing chairlift was (and still is) located in Sun Valley. Built by Union Pacific Railroad engineers, it was designed after a banana-boat loading device.

...Philo T. Farnsworth of Rigby was just 20 years old when he invented the first all-electronic television image. Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1984, Farnsworth's first patent, entitled "Television System," was filed January 7, 1927. He also held patents for the cathode ray tube and more than 300 other U.S. and foreign inventions.

...The Capitol building in Boise and dozens of other buildings in the city are geothermally heated from underground hot springs. In fact, Idaho is well sprinkled with public and private hot springs and the country's first geothermal heating district was established in Boise.

...Lake Pend Oreille in North Idaho, over 300 miles from the ocean, is home to the Navy's Acoustic Research Attachment and has been the site of submarine development since WWII.

...The Banner Bank Building in Boise was the first LEED certified building in Idaho and one of the first certified speculative office buildings in the world.

... A company in Idaho (Cascade Toboggan) manufactures most of the rescue toboggans used at ski resorts throughout the United States.

... Backup alarms used on everything from garbage trucks to tractors to delivery trucks were developed and still manufactured in Boise by Preco.

...An Idaho distiller makes the only huckleberry infused vodka in the world.

...Morrison-Knudsen (now The Washington Division of the URS Corp.) helped construct the Hoover Dam, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the Trans-Alaska pipeline

...A number of movies have been made in Idaho, including: