Hot Springs

Idaho has both natural and man-made hot springs located throughout the state. While all hot springs originate naturally, natural refers to those hot springs that have not been altered by man-made devices (i.e. pipes, tiles, developed pools). Visitors should take care before visiting hot springs on forest lands and check with the nearest ranger station before setting out.

The following is a sample of some of the hot springs within Idaho. For a complete list of Idaho's most accessible hot springs, please search for "hot springs" in our attractions database at or While the latter is not an official Idaho state tourism site, it does contain valuable information.

North Central Idaho

Red River Hot Springs

Red River Hot Springs is a remote, rustic resort located in the Nez Perce National Forest. It offers public and private pools with water temperatures of about 104 degrees.
Contact: Red River Hot Springs, 3837 Red River Rd., Elk City, ID 83525; Tel: (208) 842-2587

Southwestern Idaho

Silver Creek Plunge

Silver Creek Plunge is a rural mountain resort on the Middle Fork of the Payette River in the Boise National Forest near Garden Valley. It is open during the summer months only. Cabins, a mini-mart and a snack bar are available.
Contact: Silver Creek Plunge, HC 76, P.O. Box 2377, 2345 Silver Creek Road, Garden Valley, ID 83622; Tel: (208) 739-3400.

Givens Hot Springs

Natural hot water here has been a popular attraction for thousands of years. It was an Indian winter village site for about 5,000 years. A pool was built by homesteaders in the 1880's as this was a popular stopping point on the Oregon Trail. The original pool building burned down in 1939 and was rebuilt in 1952. It is a popular place to swim and soak in the 95 to 100 degree water. A fee is charged.
Contact: Givens Hot Springs, 11309 Hwy 78, Givens Hot Springs, ID, 83641; Tel: (208) 495-2000, Fax: (208) 286-9900.,

Zims Hot Springs

Zim's is located in scenic New Meadows, just north of McCall. Open year-round, these natural hot springs surface at 145 degrees Fahrenheit and are cooled by aeration in two large pools. One pool is kept at a cool 93 degrees and the other soaking pool is a muscle-relaxing 103 degrees.
Contact: Zim's Hot Springs, 2995 Zims Rd., New Meadows, ID 83654; Tel: (208) 347-2686.

South Central Idaho

Banbury Hot Springs

Banbury Hot Springs along the Snake River offers a pool with a slide and diving board along with campground facilities, a picnic area and a boat ramp.
Contact: Banbury Hot Springs, P.O. Box 348, Buhl, ID 83316; Tel: (208) 543-4098.

Miracle Hot Springs

Miracle Hot Springs is open year-round and offers massage therapy in addition to the hot springs. An RV park is available nearby with 35 spaces.
Contact: Miracle Hot Springs, P.O. Box 588, 19073 A Hwy 30, Buhl, ID 83316; Tel: (208) 543-6002, Fax: (208) 543- 6646.

Murphy's Hot Springs

Open year-round, Murphy's is a western-style pool and bathhouse in scenic Jarbidge Canyon. It include an RV park, cabins and a café.
Contact: Murphy's Hot Springs, Rogerson, ID 83302.

Thousand Springs Resort

Thousands Springs offers private hydrojet pools with a scenic view of the Snake River and the Thousand Springs area.
Contact: Thousand Springs, 18734 Highway 30, Hagerman, ID 83332; Tel: (208) 837-4987.

Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs

Nat-Soo-Pah offers a large swimming pool fed by a 99 degree spring, a spa and hot soak pool, a 90 foot long water slide, basketball, two diving boards, a game room and a snack bar.
Contact: Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs, 2738 E. 2400 North, Hollister, ID 83301; Tel: (208) 655-4337.

Anderson Camp Waterslide Fun Center

Anderson Camp is a RV Park and waterslide theme park near Twin Falls. Included in the fun is a 300-foot waterslide, mini-golf and arcade games.
Contact: Anderson Camp Waterslide Fun Center, 1188 E. 990 S., Eden, ID 83325; Tel: (208) 825-9800 or (888)-480-9400, Fax: (208) 825-9715.

Southeastern Idaho

Indian Springs Resort

Open summer months only, Indian Springs is in a peaceful rural setting with a restaurant, picnic area, mini-mart, RV facilities and a golf driving range.
Contact: Indian Springs Resort, 3249 Indian Springs Road, American Falls, ID 83211; Tel: (208) 226-7700, (866) 975-1807, Fax: (208) 226-5720.

Lava Hot Springs Hot Pools

For centuries, many Indian tribes called these natural hot water springs "healing waters." Geologists theorize the water has been a consistent 110 degrees for at least 50 million years. Today, the state of Idaho maintains this world-famous resort complex year-round, offering hot mineral baths at 110 degrees Fahrenheit, that are sulfur and odor free. In addition to the hot pools there is a freeform, Olympic-size swimming and diving pool for summer fun.
Contact: Lava Hot Springs Foundation, 430 East Main, Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246; Tel: (208) 776-5521 or (800)-423-8597, Fax: (208) 776-5273.

Downata Hot Springs

Downata Hot Springs is a full-service hot springs resort on a 2,000-acre farm south of Pocatello. During the summer, Downata offers a variety of activities for families including pools with a super slide, hot tub, driving range, mini-golf, volleyball and basketball courts and pony rides.
Contact: Downata Hot Springs, PO Box 185, 25900 S. Downata Road, Downey, ID 83234; Tel: (208) 897-5736.

Bear Lake Hot Springs

Soak in large pools near the shore of beautiful Bear Lake. Camping is available.
Contact: Bear Lake Hot Springs, 6668 N. Beach Rd., St. Charles, ID 83272; Tel: (208) 945-4545.

Riverdale Resort Hot Springs

Two hot springs pools, one Olympic-size pool, water slides, camping and RV sites are features of this new development near Preston.
Contact: Riverdale Resort Hot Springs, 3696 N. 1600 E., Preston, ID 83263; Tel: (208) 852-0266, Fax: (208) 852-0032.

Watercress Springs

Contact: Watercress Springs, 1942 N. Deer Cliff Rd., Preston, ID 83263; Tel: (208) 852-2124, (866) 400-2124.

Maple Grove Hot Springs

Contact: Maple Grove Hot Springs, 11386 N. Oneida Narrows Rd., Thatcher, ID 83283; Tel: (208) 851-1137.

Eastern Idaho

Green Canyon Hot Springs

Open Mon. through Sat. from the first of April to the end of September and Fridays and Saturdays the rest of the year, Green Canyon is located in a lush green valley with an RV park on premises. It features an indoor and an outdoor pool.
Contact: Green Canyon Hot Springs, 2432 Canyon Creek rd., Newdale, ID 83436; Tel: (208) 458-4454.

Heise Hot Springs

Since 1898, Heise Hot Springs is a family-oriented resort overlooking the Snake River near Idaho Falls. Highlights include swimming pools, a 350-foot water slide, zip lines, fishing trips and a nine-hole golf course. Stay in a cabin or at the RV park.
Contact: Heise Hot Springs, 5116 E. Heise Road, P.O. Box 417, Ririe, ID 83443-0417; Tel: (208) 538-7312 ext 5.

Central Idaho

Challis Hot Springs

Challis Hot Springs is a historic springs and campground on the banks of the Salmon River south of Challis. Water temperatures range from 90 to 127 degrees, and pools are open year-round. It's a great destination for swimming, soaking, RV camping or enjoying a bed & breakfast getaway.
Contact: Challis Hot Springs, 5025 Hot Springs Rd., Challis, ID 83226; Tel: (208) 879-4442.

Private Hot Springs

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

Contact: Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch, HC64 Box 9934, Stanley, ID 83278; Tel: (208) 774-3544.

Middle Fork Lodge

Contact: Middle Fork Lodge, HC63 Box 1770-1, Challis, ID 83226; Tel: (208) 879-2744.

Worswick Natural Hot Springs

Contact: Worswick Natural Hot Springs, PO Box 189, Fairfield, ID 83327; Tel: (208) 764-3202.

Sharkey Hot Springs

Contact: Sharkey Hot Springs, BLM Salmon Field Office, 1206 S. Challis Street, Salmon, ID 83467; Tel: (208) 756-5400.