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History is an endless story waiting to be retold and rediscovered. A story that captures the imagination is that of the westward adventures of Sacajawea and the Lewis and Clark expedition. In their journey, we see men and women, as explorers and native people, working together to chart a course through America’s rich history.

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The Idaho-onward part of this adventure began on August 12, 1805, when an advance party of the Lewis and Clark Expedition crossed Lemhi Pass into present-day Idaho, the homeland of Sacajawea. Sacajawea's people, the Lemhi Shoshone tribe, provided vital assistance to the Corps of Discovery as they crossed over Lost Trail Pass into today’s Montana.

Facing the formidable Bitterroot Mountains of north-central Idaho, the expedition was rescued from starvation and befriended by the Nez Perce tribe. After the expedition recuperated, they entrusted their horses to the Nez Perce and set off in cottonwood canoes for their epic journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Browse Lewis and Clark maps, learn the oral history of Sacajawea, and travel the Lewis and Clark Trail in Idaho on your own epic path of discovery.