What makes the Idaho Golf Trail unique?
Each of the fourteen Idaho Golf Trail participants are distinctly unique, offering a mix of resort, urban, and mountain golf experiences. Idaho's temperate climate is also a plus, with most courses experiencing mild weather during the summer months. Also, the lodging is resort quality with all the associate amenities. For those that like the scenic route, drives between the courses are a welcome experience on their own. Finally, is the specialized attention given to each and every reservation.
How did you choose the fourteen courses?
Most of these locations are in or near a resort style setting. They are also strategically placed around the state providing the best opportunity to experience a great state.
Do I have to play all fourteen courses?
No. Idaho Golf Trail packages can be customized, depending on how many different courses you want to experience and the length of your stay. We do recommend the Idaho Golf Trail be played as a Northern Loop (StoneRidge, Circling Raven, Coeur d'Alene, and University of Idaho), Central Loop (MeadowCreek, Tamarack, Whitetail and Jug Mountain Ranch), Eastern Loop (Pinecrest, Teton Reserve, and Teton Springs), or a Southern Loop (Falcon Crest, BanBury, and Sun Valley).
Can I take a day off and participate in another activity?
Yes. InIdaho, our specialized reservation service, can arrange various other activities like whitewater rafting, jet boat trips, fly fishing, etc.
What's the best way to enjoy the beautiful climate and courses of Idaho?
Play the trail from East to North. This will allow you to gain one hour of daylight as you go from Mountain to Pacific Time Zone just north of Riggins.
Can I arrange for rental car and airfare in addition to booking the Golf Trail?
Yes. InIdaho can make any specialized arrangements you need.
Can I book a group of friends to join me?
Yes, we can make arrangements for one to one hundred.
How do I book my Idaho Golf Trail Experience?
Contact our reservation service, InIdaho, at (800) 844-3246.