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Be Outside Idaho

steelhead troutThe Selway River in the middle of the state is so clear and clean that you can stand on its edge and see cutthroat trout swimming 50 feet away. In early July, steelhead begin appearing in the Snake, Clearwater and Salmon Rivers, and anglers continue their pursuit of them for the next nine months. Chinook salmon, a native fish to Idaho, are as fascinating as they are beautiful because of their unique life cycle.

The Salmon River remains one of the most free-flowing waterways in America. Set against rugged mountains and grassy meadows, the river makes a fantastic backdrop for fishing trips for those who prize beauty and adventure.

Idaho’s Silver Creek, the Henrys Fork, and the South Fork of the Snake are world renowned for fly-fishing opportunities. Whether you hope to catch dinner or just catch and release, drop a line in Idaho.

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