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Be Outside :: Idaho Children in Nature

"We connect children with nature in Idaho, from backyards to mountaintops."

About Us

The Idaho Children in Nature Network is a coalition of diverse agencies and organizations united in the common cause of empowering all Idahoans to lead healthy lives by developing a sense of place in Idaho's outdoors.

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  • Why

    National child advocates articulate that today’s children are suffering physically, mentally, and emotionally from a disconnect with the natural world. The results of this disconnection are sobering.  Our youth are experiencing obesity, diabetes, depression, attention deficit disorders and pharmaceutical use at an alarming rate.  The "cure" for many of these physical, mental and emotional problems may be just outside the door.  Outdoor activity inspires children to be more active, both physically and mentally.

  • How:

    Join this group of Idaho city, state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, private business owners, and citizens that comprise this unique Network.

  • Take a child outside. Explore! Play! Appreciate!

    Contribute to and use the Network’s Website:

  • Be a "conduit" of information: tell others about this issue.

  • Host a children’s outdoor event, or support and participate in family and youth outdoor activities.

    Give a donation to an organization that is committed to outdoor activity for kids.

101 Things to Do Outside

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Have questions or want to get involved today? Contact us for further info at