5/18/2015: ATTENTION! IF YOU PLAN ON VISITING MINNETONKA CAVE, PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANYTHING--INCLUDING CLOTHING--THAT HAS BEEN IN ANOTHER CAVE. THIS INCLUDES HATS, SHOES, BELTS, JEWELRY, CAMERAS, BACKPACKS, CELL PHONES, PURSES, ETC. Due to the westward spread of White Nose syndrome (WNS), restrictions on clothing and items that have been in other caves are currently in place at Minnetonka Cave to prevent introduction of this bat disease into Idaho. It may be possible for humans to spread the disease between caves if clothing or equipment has been exposed to the fungus. Leaving clothing or other items that have been in another cave at home will help protect bat species inhabiting Minnetonka Cave. The US Forest Service offers a tour through a wondrous half-mile of stalactites and stalagmites from Memorial Day (weather permitting) through Labor Day. This is the largest developed limestone cave in Idaho. The site tour does include climbing stairs. This tour is not advisable for people with heart or respiratory conditions. Sweaters and shoes with a good tread are advised. Maximum per group is 30. Arrive early in the day.


Southeastern Idaho, SE of Pocatello


Hwy. 89, Forest Rd. 412 before St. Charles. Follow the Minnetonka Cave Road signs to the end of the road.

Nearest City

Bear Lake

Mailing Address

745 E 200 S
Hyrum UT, 84319




Reservation times: 9am & 6pm Walk in times: 10:30am - 5:30pm tours happening every 30 minutes


Adults 16 and up, $8; Youth 6-15, $6, Children Under 6, free; Family Pass--immediate family only, $32; golden Age/Golden Access $4


Parking, Restrooms

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