Did you know that the horse evolved in North America? The Hagerman Horse, Equus Simplicidens, Idaho’s state fossil, was the first true horse. It was about the size of a modern Arabian horse. However, its bones most closely resembled those of the Grevy’s zebra. Hagerman is home to over two hundred different species of fossil plants and animals. The list includes Sabertooth Cat, a Hyena-like dog, Peccary, Mastodon, Otter, Bear, Shrew, Camel, and Ground Sloth, as well as many other species. With over 3,000 new fossil fragments found each year, it is one of the most fossiliferous Pliocene-aged sites in the world. The monument also includes a portion of the Oregon Trail. Information related to the entire Oregon Trail as well as the Idaho portion is available in the Visitor Center. Interpretive programs include Hagerman Fossil Beds NM and Paleontologist Junior Ranger programs, paleo porch programs, Junior Paleo Camp, and Oregon Trail living history programs. Come explore our Visitor Center with the Discovery Center, fossil displays, introductory DVD and learn more about our fascinating fossil park and the Oregon Trail!


South Central Idaho, NW of Twin Falls


Visitor Center: Hagerman, 35 miles NW of Twin Falls; Monument: 6-8 miles W. of Hagerman, across the Snake River

Nearest City


Street Address

221 N. State St.
Hagerman ID, 83332

Mailing Address

Box 570
Hagerman ID, 83332


All Year


Summer Hours: 9am-5pm daily / Memorial Day to Labor Day. Winter Hours: 9am5pm daily / Closed Tuesday & Wednesday.




Gift Shop, Handicap Access, Parking, Restrooms, Vault Toilets, Visitor Center

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